Inspiring The Internet Of Things: A Comic Book

To help usher in the future, the Danish Alexandra Institute, with the support of the IoT-i Project has released a comic book called “Inspiring the Internet of Things,” which explains the benefits of networking everyday objects – as well as the ethical issues – through 15 illustrated scenarios.

the IOT comic book is aimed at all public. The idea is that anyone can see the stories that are presented in the book and form an opinion, in addition to using it as a basis for deeper discussions or simply as inspiration to think about the Internet of Things.

The comic book has an introduction by Gerald Santucci, 15 illustrative scenarios in which this technology can be applied to Internet of Things, more than 25 concepts of  IoT and the 4 interviews with experts already run by the IoT-i project.

Here you can download an electronic version of the comic book about Internet of Things or consult the e-book

Enjoy it!

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